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EMBR Dispensary, located in Springfield, MA, is the go-to choice for cannabis consumers traveling from Agawam. Situated just 15 minutes (9.4 miles) from Springfield via I-91 North, we are thrilled to serve clients from Agawam and the surrounding areas.

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Our partnership with Phat Panda supports this accelerating recreational cannabis dispensary in California and Massachusetts by supplying the best cannabis products made possible by their advanced growing techniques with their leading state-of-the-art technology. We offer welcoming energy and our educated team exceeds at providing a positive, convenient shopping experience.

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Reasons to Visit Agawam, MA

With its welcoming community, scenic parks, and a calendar full of local events and festivals, Agawam presents an ideal destination for travelers seeking relaxation, education, and excitement. Whether you're a history enthusiast, nature lover, or thrill-seeker, Agawam has something to offer, making it a must-visit city in Massachusetts.

Modern hotel building with multiple floors and spacious parking in Agawam

Places to Stay In Agawam

In Agawam, MA, locals love staying in places that blend nature and convenience. Popular options include guest suites and lodges near the scenic Connecticut River, providing easy access to outdoor activities and local attractions. These accommodations are highly rated for their picturesque locations and proximity to natural beauty and urban amenities​​.

Elegant dining room with white table settings and chandeliers

Favorite Places to Eat In Agawam

Agawam boasts various restaurants that locals favor, ranging from traditional American fare to international cuisine. Places like The Federal Restaurant & Bar and Nicks Nest are local favorites, known for their quality food and inviting atmosphere​​.

Crowded outdoor event with people at the Easter States Exposition in Agawam

Activities that Agawam Locals Love

Locals in Agawam enjoy engaging in activities that highlight the town's natural beauty and community spirit. Visiting the Robinson State Park for hiking and nature exploration or attending events at the Eastern States Exposition are among the popular activities that embody the local lifestyle and culture​​.

First Agawam Dispensary Visit?

Begin your exploration of cannabis, remembering to carry your government-issued photo ID for age verification (21 years and older), and acquaint yourself with the cannabis statutes in Massachusetts. Adults are allowed to acquire up to 2.5 ounces of mixed cannabis products, with concentrates capped at 5 grams per visit. It's important to note that using cannabis in public spaces is forbidden, and individuals can carry no more than one ounce with them. Should you have any additional questions, our knowledgeable team at the Northampton dispensary is here to provide guidance and support.